About Integral Solar

Integral Solar is promoted by a team of serial entrepreneurs in Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh, a forward looking state in southern part of India with good infrastructure and an excellent port. The entrepreneurs have chosen Visakhapatnam  for its excellent investment climate and  convenient import and export  facilities.

With the background in engineering and Power auditing and a keen interest in renewable energies, an exposure to IT and an eye to spot a BOOM has helped to diversify in solar power products.

With a combination of high population and high solar irradiance makes  India a perfect place to use Solar Power.Ith about 10 clear sunny days in a year, India’s  theoretical solar power reception only land is huge. The daily solar energy incident over India varies over 4 to 7 KWh/m sq with about 1500 – 2000 sunshine hours a year, (depending on the location), which is far more than the current total consumption.

Vast potential and a huge untapped market catering to the masses  makes Integral Solar a viable and exciting project. A vast product line such as stand alones, mass lighting systems, Net metering projects , Solar pumps , roof-tops and power plants helped us establish and consolidate in the market.

With our technical expertise, today we can assure any customer of tailor made Solar solution for their needs.


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