Product & Solutions

Affordable Solutions

  • Solar DC Home Packs
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Solar Grid Tied Solutions
  • Solar Turn Key Solution
  • Solar Street lights

Solar Water Pump

  • No Electricity Required
  • No Battery Required
  • Built-in MPPT Charge Controller
  • Innovative & Affordable Sun tracking System
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Powers up your existing pumps
  • Provision to connect Normal power also

Solar Street Lights

Solar LED street Lights of Various Wattages

Roof Top with Net metering
Solar Home Inverter
Convert Normal Inverter to Solar

Affordable Solar DC Home - Pack
With Long backup

Model I - SH - 3740 - 3 LED LIGHTS 1 FANS 5 HRS BACKUP
Model II- SH - 7480 - 6 LED LIGHTS 2 FANS 5 HRS BACKUP

Energy Audit to reduce Power Consumption
Selection of products with high efficiency

Solar Turn Key Solution - For MW Powerplants


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