Social Objectives

Good for the Planet = Good for the people

Harnessing energy provided by the five elements, Integral Solar has been trying to develop and use non-polluting, environment friendly technologies and systems for creating  clean , green, affordable and reliable energy. We are confident of the bright future.  Renewable energy is perceived as a ray of hope in a world that is being degraded by deforestation,  industrialization and urbanization.

More than a billion across the developing world do not have access to this basic need of life. The lack of access to the modern energy services condemns billions to live in absolute poverty. Today, almost one third of humanity does not have lights in the evening, unhealthy cooking environment, limited access to modern communications, inadequate education and health facilities and not enough power for their work and business.

Integral Solar focus on energy efficient and cost effective devices brings smile on the face of the common man. We have developed products that serve the bottom of the pyramid segment of rural and urban population. We have products that help extend working and studying hours. They help building bright future.

In short we build products that are life impacting.


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